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Technical: All images are reproductions of gelatin silver prints, individually made in my darkroom. Most are 8x10 contact prints, while some are 8x10 enlargements from 6x7 and 4x5 negatives. 

Artist Statement: My photographs are created solely for visual impact, dominated by form and tone, with no concern for figurative or social motivations. Working in black and white allows for a certain distancing from reality, which is essential to my images. Interesting lines and bold contrast are the two necessary components of any photograph I make. With this approach, I am able to find appeal in a variety of subjects, but I primarily focus on close-up abstractions and urban landscapes. I work with large format film and a view camera, in a well-established tradition of the 20th century. An image does not become a photograph until it is a print, and I have devoted a great deal of time to printmaking, working exclusively in the traditional gelatin silver process.  

Biography: Andrew was born in Connecticut and was exposed to photography early in life through his father. He began his photographic career as a teenager, working mainly with 35mm slides and 8mm movie film. At age 18, Andrew switched to working with medium format black and white film and creating gelatin silver prints. Since then he has worked exclusively with black and white film, in medium format, 4x5, and primarily 8x10 since 2013, and has made all his own gelatin silver prints. Andrew holds degrees from the University of Connecticut and Boston College, including a Ph.D. in mathematics. He is currently a math professor in New Mexico. 

Self portrait, 2016

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